About us

HNBshoe originates from a simple thought, it's not easy to establish whether something is beautiful or ugly but you can always tell if such a thing is done well or not. Our objects hold this peculiarity, they are done well and they are handmade.
We are based in the heart of the so called Riviera del Brenta.
For more than 4 centuries, the best shoes in the world have been designed and produced along the banks of this river. Indeed it is widely recognized how the Venetians of the ancient Maritime Republic loved to celebrate their commercial power through exhibiting clothing and footwear og absolute value. No wonder why, then, even today, 95% of the world's luxury footwear production is still happening here.
This know-how and this tradition live in each shoe, strap and HCNB product.
We design them free from marketers logics and inconstant fashion dogmas, but pandered to the personality of our clients.
We build them with the best materials, selecting them personally to the source, American shell cordovan, German leather for outsoles, Tuscan calf.
We are proud to create unique pieces, durable, valuable, small stories that belong only to his owner.